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The SmartHouse-SmartGrid consortium includes the following partners:


SAP AG, SAP Research Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, Germany

SAP Research is the technology research department of SAP and as an integral part of SAP’s R&D activities, it is responsible for identifying, researching, understanding, developing and evaluating new and emerging technologies, processes and e-business solutions that strategically influence the future of SAP business applications. With the focus on applied research, SAP Research bridges the gap between open, collaborative research with external partners and exploitation into new or existing SAP product lines through SAP's development groups.

IWES - Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology

Kassel, Germany

IWES (the former Institute for Solar Energy Systems, ISET) addresses application-oriented research on electrical engineering and systems technology for the use of renewable energies. The spectrum covered ranges from theoretical investigations over experimental studies and field tests through to the development of devices and systems. Above all, the institute concentrates on the fields of wind energy, photovoltaics, bio energy, hydropower and marine energies, grid integration of distributed energy resources, energy conversion and storage, static converters, hybrid systems and energy economy. Specialised technical competences include primarily power electronics, control engineering, grid control, process engineering and information systems.

MVV Energie AG

Mannheim, Germany

MVV Energie is a utility listed at the German stock exchange since 1999 with its head quarters in Mannheim, Germany. The main competencies of MVV Energie are energy distribution and energy services as well as gas, water, district heating and waste utilisation. MVV Energie is the main shareholder in different municipal utilities in Germany and energy service companies in Poland and the Czech Republic and had a turnover of >2 billion Euros in 2005/06.

ECN - Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

Petten, The Netherlands

The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands develops high-level knowledge and technology for the transition to a sustainable energy system and transfers this to the market. ECN is the central institute for energy research in the Netherlands. It is also a leading institute in the field of intelligent systems technology applications in electricity, aiming at the integration of high numbers of small-scale clean electricity generators. One of the key results of this research is the PowerMatcher technology, an intelligent software concept for distributed control of power producers, power consumers and storage systems.

ICCS - Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (University of Athens)

Athens, Greece

ICCS carries research and development activities in the fields of telecommunication systems and computer systems and their applications in a variety of applications, such as electric power systems, software and hardware engineering, control systems and biomedical engineering. The ICCS research consists of 40 members of staff of the University of Athens, 20 additional senior researchers and 120 research students.

PPC - Public Power Corporation S.A.

Athens, Greece

PPC is a fully vertically integrated company, covering the whole spectrum of activities in the electrical power field. With 4.29 billion Euro turnover and total assets amounting to 12,662 million Euro, PPC holds a leading position not only in the Greek market – one of the most rapidly growing European markets – but also in the wider market of Southeast Europe. It owns about 96% of the installed power capacity in Greece (12,695 MW) generated from lignite, hydroelectric and oil stations, natural gas stations, as well as wind and solar energy parks. It owns the national power transmission system of 11,400 km, as well as the power distribution network of 208,000 km and is the only power distribution company delivering electricity to 7.1 million customers over a network of 277 power stations.



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